W i n d s u r f i n g

windsurfing area :

The bay of Acharavi is most of the time an area for beginners and advanced beginners. Onshore wind and a calm sea until lunch time are perfect for beginners and for training new manoevers. In the afternoon there is usually wind between 2 Bft and 4 Bft and sometimes some more wind. Because of the shallow water in the bay we have the most warm water around Corfu. The ground is sandy and you can walk about 30 m into the water.  
windsurfing lessons:

We offer all windsurfing courses for adult persons and kids over the age of   8 years. Boards, sails and wetsuits are available in different seizes also for kids.
Discover Windsurfing : The easy start to become comfortable with the windsurfboard. First some exercises on the beach and then your first steps on the water. With the hints of the qualified instructors you will have success very quick. If you enjoy the windsurfing you can go on with a basic windsurfing course.

Basic Windsurfing course : You will learn in practice and theorie all what you need to go windsurfing on the save side and without supervision. At the end of the course you can pass the test for the international WWS-Winsurfing-Certificate.
Duration : 10 hours (ca. 5 days)

Afterwards you'll get a discount about 50 % on renting a windsurf board.


Refresher course : If your last time windsurfing was some years ago we will help you to get back the level you have had before .

Advanced courses : you want to learn a new maneuver like beach start, water start, surfing with harness, planning, helicopter tack or ...  -  choose a maneuver and we will teach you.

The WWS-Instructor college also develops windsurfing instructors following the regulations of the World Windsurf Schools association.
windsurf equipment :

There are about 50 windsurf boards in the watersports center :

2 x Starbord Start L    +   7 x Hifly Motion
12 x Hifly Primo 335    +   3 x Bic Melody 350
3 x Hifly Magnum 323  +   3 x Hifly Mambo
3 x Hifly Maxx 305       +   4 x Hifly Matrix
2 x Bic Calypso 320     +   2 x Bic Rumba 310
1 x Bic Vivace 282       +   1 x Fanatic Falcon 280
1 x Hifly Madd 274       +   1 x Mistral emotion 150
2 x Bic Core                 +   1 x Pacific 280

In the summer we have prepared 60 riggs between 2 sqm and 9 sqm for kids, teenies and adults.  Shorties, harnesses and shoes are in almost all sizes available.