C a t s a i l i n g

sailing area :

The bay of Acharavi is 5 nautical miles wide and there is enough space for nice sailing.

Missing current, rocks or boat trafic makes the sailing easy for beginners and sailors with less experience. The water with the highest temperatures around Corfu makes the sailing even more comfortable.
sailing lessons :

We offer sailing courses for beginners, advanced sailors and refreshers. In about 5 days you are able to handle a catamaran on your own.

Afterwards you can pass the test for the international accepted

DSV Basic Sailing Certificate.

Sailors of yachts or dinghies we show the special features of a catamaran.
equipment :

On the beach are waiting for you :
 1 x Topcat K1 ( 18 Feet, sail : 20 sqm)
 2 x Topcat F2 ( 15 Feet, sail : ca 14 sqm).
 1 x dinghy (13 feet, sail : ca 9 sqm)

Neoprensuites, shoes and lifejackets are available in different sizes for kids and adult persons.

Sailors can hire the boats after a detailed introduction of the area.

sailing trips :

If you have no experience in sailing take one of the instructors on board. Without any sailing knowledge you can enjoy the calmness on a sailing boat and watch the island from a different perspective. On warm evenings in the summer there is also the possibility of a sunset cruise with the catamaran.